Transporting people & cargo through space may start in Maine

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Green 4 Maine is negotiating with HyperSpace Propulsion to make the former Loring Air Force Base their headquarters for their future SPACESTAR spaceplanes.

There must be an easier way to space!”

— Richard Lugg, FounderPORTLAND, MAINE, UNITED STATES, August 16, 2023/ — Green 4 Maine is negotiating with HyperSpace Propulsion to make the former Loring Air Force Base their global Manufacturing, Operations and Flight Headquarters for SPACESTAR spaceplanes, capable of flying passengers or cargo up to six times per day, runway to runway, to any destination on earth in under two hours. For example: New York to Singapore will take 78 minutes instead of 18 hours; New York to Dubai will take 65 minutes instead of 14 hours.

With an agreement in place, HyperSpace Propulsion would become the lead tenant within Green 4 Maine’s National Aerospace and Space Complex Center, thus supporting revitalization of Northern Maine and the communities surrounding the former base. The first stage of developing SPACESTAR will be designing, testing, and manufacturing HYPERSMART, a hypersonic flight test demonstrator with potential defense applications.
This agreement would enhance the formation of the Maine Space Complex, a public-private partnership charged with building launch sites, data networks, and operations for sending small satellites into space.

Scott Hinkel, President of Green 4 Maine, is leading the discussions with Richard H. Lugg, CEO & Founder of HyperSpace Propulsion. Mr. Lugg is a serial entrepreneur and past aerospace and defense executive with over 35 years of experience in commercial and military aerospace programs. He has filed 32 patents on behalf of the Company protecting the technology for global space transport.


About HyperSpace Propulsion

HyperSpace Propulsion, Inc. is a technology leader in hypersonic propulsion and single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) spacecraft design, engineering, and development. Potential business partners include large-scale 3D-printing manufacturers, hypersonic test centers, and leading research universities. The customer market includes global passenger & cargo carriers, defense contractors, various branches of the US military, and future space ventures.
HyperSpace Propulsion is actively raising capital for engineering, design, manufacturing, and first flight tests of its hypersonic flight demonstrator HYPERSMART by late 2024, with planned production for the Department of Defense in 2025.

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About Green 4 Maine

The Green 4 Maine Program’s Mission is a revitalization project with the focused objective of diversifying the former Loring Air Force Base into a vibrant; LIVE, WORK and PLAY, Green destination location. It will become the incubator hub for innovation, technological advancement, and creativity where there will be NO LIMIT on ideation. It will create a 100% Green Campus that will be self-sustaining and focused on renewable energy projects. The Green 4 Maine mission is interwoven into the fabric of the Communities of Aroostook County to provide future jobs and economic stimulus for the entire region having state-wide impact and appeal. The Green 4 Maine Campus at Loring is the largest commercial business park in the State of Maine, and it is Open for Business – Come and join our family of businesses reaching for the stars, literally!!

For additional information: Call Scott Hinkel 207.650.9662, email us at, or via the website

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